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Forum embassies provide regions and organizations with an official place to share information, make statements and proposals, and generally develop relations between each other.

In-game embassy?
Regions that already possess an in-game embassy with Lazarus are encouraged to establish a forum embassy as well.

Not an in-game embassy?
If a region that does not possess an in-game embassy with Lazarus would like to begin developing relations with Lazarus it must first establish a forum embassy. After a period of review, a region that has taken this step may be sent an in-game embassy request from Lazarus and a Lazarene ambassador will be sent to the region.

Please read the following forum embassy guidelines before applying:

1. All applications will be considered, although overly small (less than 100 nations) or new regions (less than a month or so) will most likely be declined.
2. We ask that if granted an embassy, you post in it at least once every few months:
(a) If your embassy is not posted in for 90 days, your region will receive a notification that it may be closed:
(b) You will then have a certain period of time, usually at least two weeks, in which to make a post in the embassy.
© If no activity takes place before the deadline, your embassy will be archived. A new application here will need to be filled out to reopen it.

If you would like to establish a forum embassy with Lazarus, please fill out the following form: Embassy Application Form
Note: Embassies are for regions or organizations, not individual nations.

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