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  Lazarus is Awesome! - New Shareholders Guide
Posted by: New Rogernomics - 5 hours ago - No Replies

Lazarus is Awesome!
[Image: d8nNse3.png]
New Shareholders Guide
Chapter 1. Joining our community
Q: What makes an ideal Lazarene?
If you want to become respected in Lazarus or in most major regions, the first thing I would suggest is being open to people who disagree with you, though not so open as to be a punching bag and not stand up for what you believe would be best for the region. Then there is also the other aspect of getting involved in regional politics such as being wrong on an issue in the eyes of most in the region, not getting what you want passed, losing an election, or failing to get traction on your political career despite your best efforts. The best idea is to not take failure personally, and instead take it as a reason to improve.

As a few words of wisdom: Never lose hope, never give in, and never be afraid to admit when you are wrong. These are all good aspects of being a Lazarene.

Q: How do I become a legislator?
It is not easy. You should expect a low pass rate on your proposals when you are first starting out, and even once you become a seasoned legislator you will lose from time to time. Imagine being a legislator like standing above a fishing hole, even if you have bait, a fishing rod, and warm clothes on, that is no guarantee of getting a fish - even as a seasoned fisherman. However, there are some steps to passing a law or building discussion on an issue that I would recommend to improve your chances that I share below.

Legislative proposals

1. Preparing your proposal: Consider the counter-arguments
  • Be your worst enemy always, as it helps your argument. Consider the flaws in your proposal, if it is a constitutional reform for example, put on an evil mustache and consider how someone could use it to undermine or destroy the region. Do not be shy to shred your proposal and start it all over, as you do not want to propose something that you are not happy with, though there is never such a thing as a perfect proposal - only the best proposal you could make at the time. 
  • Never be afraid of private discussion, especially with those who might disagree with you. In fact, if you want a bill to pass you should try your best to get their opinion, even if they intend to vote against your proposal either way, as you can expect they will make their perspective known on your proposal once you post it publicly on the forum or discord. So make sure to send a DM (Direct Message) on Discord, or if they don't use Discord, a telegram to their nation. 
  • Don't be afraid to lose the argument, as it might happen. You might think you have the best proposal ever, and then it gets torn to pieces on discord or the forum. No one likes to lose, but it will happen. You can be sure of it. Never let yourself lose hope in your proposal, just because others disagree with you. Table the proposal, re-draft it, think of where you went wrong and what others brought up about your proposal. 
2. Preparing your proposal: Consider your supporters
  • Look to your supporters, and get their opinion. It is also likely that others will support you, and see the merits of your proposal. Ask them where they think the proposal could be improved, and get their opinion on who they think might be against your proposal. So make sure to send a DM (Direct Message) on Discord, or if they don't use Discord, a telegram to their nation. You will need their votes when the time comes, so don't be shy to be friends - and get to know them. 
  • Organize a think tank with your supporters. These like-minded supporters might be able to improve your proposal in ways you haven't considered, so it might be best to involve them in your proposal, perhaps even as a co-author. Start a group chat on discord, or if you have already put your ideas publicly on discord or the forum then start a conversation with those supporters and add their ideas to your own - if you think they would help. Never add things to a proposal just so it passes, add them because you feel it improves upon it. 
  • Organize a straw-poll or ask the region what they think of a hypothetical proposal. If you intend to propose legislation, make sure to see whether there is any support for it outside of those you have asked. This will get the basic opinions out there which will likely come up, without you having to go through the ordeal of writing up legislation. After all, why write a bill that wants to make dancing in a bathtub illegal, if 90% in the region like dancing in bathtubs. 
3. Posting your draft proposal: Share it on the forum and discord
  • Sharing it on discord is sharing it real-time, so you can expect that other Lazarenes will immediately respond. So when you propose it, make sure that you have time to debate with others. Never propose it when you are rushing to do something else, have a paper due that night, or are going out to dinner with family. Unless your proposal is incredibly bland and is sure to pass, which would be a mild act on something everyone wants, then do not propose it, as you need to be ready for folks to tear your proposal apart once you've shared it.
  • Once on the forum, it stays on the forum. A mistake you might make is to post a discussion on the forum, when you haven't thought your proposal through. Once you have posted it, others will reply and maybe more seasoned legislators might sink your proposal. It might end up tabled and dismissed before you have even had a good shot at it. The other way to look at it, is like proposing a bill that makes chocolate fountains a free public convenience, if your proposal is just stating your premise i.e. that chocolate fountains should be free in principle, then a more seasoned legislator might say, "even if I agree, this proposal is poorly written". 
4. Posting your final proposal: Prepare for the vote
  • Look towards your final draft. If you think you are getting close to your final draft, then you need to look back to step 1, who will support it, who will reject it? If you feel you need to, ask folks their opinions again, since you have had time to refine and work on it. It might be possible that former opponents are now your allies, and some of your former supporters now oppose it. Do not be shy to also post a more refined straw-poll, especially if you are uncomfortable with asking other Lazarenes one-to-one. 
  • Consider the technicalities of the vote. This means getting legal opinions, and considering what majority you will require to get the proposal through. Perhaps some parts of your proposal are un-constitutional, in which case you could cut those parts or consider going back to the drawing board to make a constitutional amendment instead. Though in a normal scenario, it should only require a 50%+1 majority, unlike a constitutional amendment which would require a 3/4ths majority. 
5. Lobbying for the vote: Make your case!
  • You might have the best proposal ever, or you might have the worst, you still need to get the votes. At this point you need to convince voters to support your proposal or to not stand in the way. The mistake to be made is badgering or annoying voters i.e. spamming them with your ideas, or worse to smear your opponents rather than take on their arguments. The best way is to respond to voters when they want to respond to you, or to send them a brief message on discord or by telegram if they have been involved in the discussion already. 
  • Assess how the vote is going once it has begun. If someone has voted against or abstained, they might still change their vote, ask them discretely or publicly why they voted as they did - though only if they want to discuss it, as badgering voters as above might mean they change their vote from abstain to against or urge others to change their vote against you. 
6. Accept the voting outcome: Then move on!
  • There are three possibilities, it passes cleanly, it passes barely, or it fails. Do not beat yourself up. Regardless of where it goes, pat yourself on the back for the effort you put in. If it fails you might be down a little, as no one likes to lose. Dust yourself off and do not take it personally, as they didn't vote against you - they voted against what was proposed. 
  • Even if it passes, you can still improve. Consider what you learned about the process of making a proposal, how could you have handled it better, is there anything you would do different next time? This is the time to sit down with some hot cocoa or with some good NS friends and talk about the good times and the bad times.
  • Take time for some honest political reflection. This isn't always the case, but some people come across as too brash or rude, or too overconfident, or worse they don't encourage confidence because they do not take the effort to believe in themselves or their proposal. If there is some personality issue that you think have might have influenced voters to not approach your proposal with a more open mind, take some time to consider how you would interact with voters differently next time. 

Chapter 2. Becoming a political asset
Q: How can I become a political powerhouse in Lazarus?

The best way to become a major political player in a region is to become indispensable to it, and by that I mean put in the work and the effort in some part of the region. This might mean making graphics or writing newspaper articles, getting involved in a department as a general helper, suggesting ideas to those holding political office or non-political offices such as the Delegacy. You can start small and gradually make your way up the political ladder, or rush in and try and make your mark. Either is a great way as you learn and improve. As a Lazarene house cat, I have tried both. 

1. Getting involved: Make your case!
  • Consider your skill-set in Lazarus. What do you have to offer? Are you great at writing, at art, at music, and so on, or is your skill more in personality politics i.e. encouraging others to do things? You need to to consider what skills you have, and what skills you do not have. There are others in Lazarus who could teach you things you do not know, so it never hurts to ask them for help - as they can only say no.
  • Take note of past experiences. Is this the only time you have been involved in a region? Is this your first time playing the game? You might have past experiences or held past positions in NS or in other games that might help you here. They might be of use either to tell others a bit about what you can do, or for your personal consideration of what positions you strive to get into in Lazarus. 
  • Try something new rather than get bored. Lets say that you have been the foreign minister in various regions, and come to Lazarus. You could be the best foreign minister ever, but is that what you really want? Never do something in Lazarus you do not want to do, as you will get bored - and maybe even leave Lazarus. If you end up bad at doing something, there is always something else you could do here. The worst thing to do is take up a position or role because you can do it - not because you want to do it. 
2. Standing for election: Define your supporters and opponents
  • Who would support you in Lazarus if you run? Who would oppose your campaign? Make sure that you consider how others will react to your campaign and what your goal is in running for a position. You could run just to get experience or you could run as first timer who just wants to get into a position and try their best. Alternatively, you could be someone who wants to get into a ministry because you have great ideas, and wonderful ideas. Make sure you know before you run, as folks will ask you these sorts of questions once you do.
  • Standing for election shares some aspects of making a legislative proposal, except that the proposal is you. When people vote for you, they do not just want your credentials, they want to know about your personality, maybe even share a joke. Voters are not going to vote for someone without a personality, as robots are boring - no offense meant to sociable robots. Get to know the potential voters, who are fellow Lazarenes. Participate in social activities such as discord or RMB conversations, role-plays, and discuss art/music/games. You should try to get a grasp of who might be voting on you, as well as give yourself a social profile and some social standing in Lazarus. They want to get to know you, and not feel like you are outsider.
3. Fail, Fail, Succeed: Never give up!
  • More than likely you might fail the first time. You tried everything you could or maybe you didn't. This is the time to reflect, improve, and move on from failure. Brooding about it won't help, and you will only hurt yourself by doing so. There is always room for improvement, as no one is perfect. 
  • If you got in, and are doing exactly what you want to do. Then that is awesome. Never get complacent however as there might be something you want to do in the future, and you might not be able to be in the same role forever. Consider your future roles, and not just your current ones. Then you will be sure to have a lot of fun here. 

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Smile Form submission: Article Submission Form
Posted by: Debussy - 01-17-2020, 11:02 PM - No Replies

Which region or organization are you from?: Lazarus/LazCorp

[Image: gOQnjcI.png]

Article Title: Interview With New Rogernomics

Add Author/s: By @ Debussy

New Rogernomics is a workhorse. In every corner of the region, there is some contribution from Roger – his latest being a guide to citizenship. He is the go-to forum administrator, our Chief Operating Officer (COO), and recently appointed advisor for citizenship. A long time Lazarene, joining the region on September 4th, 2007, Roger has been a member for 13 years. The Gazette sat down with Roger to found out more about our COO.

What was the first region you joined?

Roger Wrote:Around 2006, I joined a small region called Trans Atlantice, and eventually become UN Delegate there, which was the precursor to the WA.

How many times have you become a Delegate?

Roger Wrote:Once in Trans Atlantice, and once in Lazarus.

How long were you Delegate?

Roger Wrote:In Trans Atlantice for at least a few months, before the region merged with another UCR. In Lazarus, I ran for election in September 2015 and was elected Delegate of Lazarus on the 28th of September, or as Sovereign as it was known then. I was delegate till the end of December of that year.

 Why were you Delegate for only 4 months? 

Roger Wrote:That was the period of term for the Delegacy back in the Humane Republic of Lazarus.

Did you run again or decide not?

Roger Wrote:I decided not to run again, as I was mostly satisfied with forum administration duties. I became a forum administrator around the time I was Delegate, and continued as an administrator till the Celestial Union civil war.

Is there anything eventful or memorable about your time as Delegate?

Roger Wrote:We had fun role-play during the Z-Day event, I mostly just voted on WA resolutions and gathered endorsements, and I pushed somewhat for improving of relations with the New Pacific Order, which was a policy that the WA delegate after me, Loftegen, would pursue further. Loftegen served as Delegate for two terms. Also, Funkadelia and I came to rhetorical blows over inter-regional recruitment policy.

What was this policy and how did you come to blows over it?

Roger Wrote:Well, it became problematic as it was a policy that was not my own, but I was forced to defend, as I was only made aware of it till months into my Delegacy. Funkadelia, who was the Delegate prior to my term, had allowed Kazmr to run a secret recruitment campaign against The Pacific. Recruiting in other Game Created Regions was not very acceptable back then, and is not really today.

I was tired of this going on, on my watch, so I discussed with Kazmr over making what was going on public, and trying to push for the option for all GCRs to be able to recruit from each other.

Funkadelia was really opposed to making this public, and was angry because I had not informed him, in his opinion.

This eventually led to a GCR recruitment conference, where I supported this idea that GCRS should be able to recruit from each other.

Funkadelia publicly attacked my administration as Foreign Minister during the conference, and Kazmr and I took the flak for the policy.

Eventually though, most agreed to let the issue slide, and a few well-known players came to my defense. When charges were put forward that I was being malicious about recruiting in GCRS. Mostly, it didn’t really stick, as I was clearly inexperienced.

Do you still support the policy of recruiting from other Game Created Regions or was this apart of what you were forced to defend?

Roger Wrote:Recruiting from Game Created Regions is still an unresolved issue to this day, I am not against GCRs recruiting from each other to this day, though realistically it looks like GCRs would have to sign recruitment agreements with each other, as not all GCRS agree. The NPO was not against the policy at the time, though obviously with the NPO and Lazarus at war, such an accord would be impossible these days.

Any other memorable events you would like to mention?

Roger Wrote:I think the most memorable part of my term was the Z-Day event, where I role-played the government response to Z-Day, and another faction played as a religious Zombie Empire faction that argued becoming a zombie was a gift best shared.

Eventually I declared a communist revolution of robots against the zombie menace. So many Lazarenes were dead by that point though, and the event ended. Was a lot of fun, I haven’t really experienced another Z-Day like it since.

Do you have any dispatches or texts from that event?

Roger Wrote:This was the regional message I sent out when Z-Day was starting.


And when it was ending.


Here is the Gazette entry from that month too.

Belschaft led the religious faction.  


This has been great. Thanks for sitting down with us, Roger!

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  The Northern Light Issue XXX (30)
Posted by: Gorundu - 01-17-2020, 10:00 AM - No Replies

Text version if needed:

[Image: YcUb8Iw.png][Image: axJpdb9.png][Image: sn3sK5n.png][Image: sll3j9Z.png][Image: OMUkPSd.png][Image: jkezdQ6.png][Image: DXRnhnd.png][Image: AaMOuBS.png][Image: KNwJL3D.png][Image: mfUvke8.png][Image: cI9E8NN.png]

Double Whammy this time! TNL and TNS just happen to drop at the same time Smile

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  The North Star Issue XIV
Posted by: Gorundu - 01-17-2020, 09:45 AM - Replies (1)

[Image: f4UEI8F.png]

[Image: sG8YGQy.png]NPA Report
by Bobberino, War Correspondent
[Image: BquQOG8.png]


Minister of Defense: Trondstorm

Deputy Ministers of Defense: Lieutenant Rom

In a bit of a pivot since the last NPA Bulletin, the North Pacific Army took place in largely raiding operations in the month of November. The waifu takeover of the NPA is still progressing, unlike what Robes will like to tell you… *audibly muffled screams in the back*

Beginning on the 30th of October, we joined our friends in Lazarus in getting them the delegacy of Warzone Australia and briefly holding. We then followed up, in true independent style, by liberating a close ally in Stargate, then pivoting the next update and raiding the region affiliated with Stargate’s raiders in The Anti World Assembly. The next minor update, Deropia put on his best Gladio impression in leading a featured region tag, after which in the major, Agadir led a two-detag run.

After all that, you’d expect the NPA to stop somewhere and fuel up, but we’re too good for that. We then invaded New Western Atlantic for a few days with our friends in Europeia and The West Pacific. After getting bored of sitting there, we decided to tag 5 regions, then 7 more the next day. Then we decided on invading Xedas with The Black Hawks, the Europeian Republican Navy and The West Pacific Armed Forces.

Another day, another tag run. 4 regions were hit on 11/17 and another 4 on 11/19. The next day, the ERN, TBH, NPA and TWPAF got together and did another tag. The next major, we got together with Osiris and amassed 17 tags. Rounding out the month was an invasion of North Ustaynga beginning on 11/23’s major, with the ERN, TBH and LWU all showing up alongside us, which we held for a week.

Whether we were defending treatied allies, raiding with friends or spreading the good news of anime across NS, one can be sure that we are not idle at the NPA. We are as agile, adaptable and coordinated as always. Happy holidays, all!

[Image: sG8YGQy.png] Spotlight #23 - Interview with Koopa
by Angshire, Interviewer

Angshire: So, first things first, are you new to NationStates? Also, what encouraged you to come to the North Pacific?

Koopa: Im probably around a year old or so, maybe a little more. My nation initially formed in TNP, and after moving around for a while, I eventually found myself back here and ended up staying.

Angshire: Well that's definitely interesting!

Angshire: Did anything in particular bring you back?

Koopa: I guess I always associated it with home, since it was where I started. I was also intrigued by it being a democracy, so I felt like it was a fitting place for what was my relatively small nation to grow.

Angshire: TNP does have a very stable democratic system, that is true.

Angshire: Have you gotten involved in the government, whether in the executive branch or otherwise?

Koopa: I am currently the Deputy Minister of Defense, this being my second term.

Angshire: So you are both a Deputy and an NPA colonel?

Angshire: Quite an impressive resume!

Angshire: So do you have any other goals that you want to accomplish within TNP government?

Koopa: I do hope to become Minister of Defense at some point, and maybe even become a full fledged General down the line.

Angshire: What about the delegacy or anything of that branch of government? Do you see yourself ever ending up there?

Koopa: The delegacy seems like a bit of a stretch, never really had goals in that sector. That being said, I do have a lot of respect for the people who can pull it off.

Angshire: What about the RP section of TNP?

Angshire: Are you active in that area?

Koopa: No, I have yet to engage in the RP sector. I'm not even active on the RMB. Nothing against roleplayers, it's just not my cup of tea.

Angshire: Ah yes, I totally get that.

Angshire: You definitely seem to be very skilled in the defense part of TNP, and I noticed how you have risen through the ranks.

Angshire: Before we wrap this up, do you have any questions you'd like to ask of me, or anything else you'd like to answer?

Koopa: Nothing from me, aside from saying that you have been an excellent host.

Angshire: Why thank you very much!

Angshire: I had a splendid time interviewing you Smile

[Image: sG8YGQy.png]Regional Assembly Highlights
by Kaschovia, Minister of Communications
Regional Assembly Highlights, November 2019

Speaker: Deropia

Current Business

The current business for the RA for the month of November is the act for Committee Codification by Wonderess (in discussion), and the repeal of the Unicorn Star Accord and the adoption of the Unicorn Star Treaty between the North Pacific and the Rejected Realms.

An Act for Committee Codification by Wonderess

Summary: This proposal aims to grant the Speaker the right to create committees made up of citizens to serve the purposes of the Regional Assembly, the structure and scope of which would be determined by law.

Status: In Discussion

The Unicorn Star Treaty

Summary: A proposal which aims to repeal the Unicorn Star Treaty currently legally in effect, and adopt the new Unicorn Star Treaty in its place, between the North Pacific and the Rejected Realms.

Status: At Vote


The proposals that passed through the Regional Assembly in the month of November were the repeal of the North Pacific and Albion Security Treaty, confirmations of Siwale and Crushing Our Enemies to the Election Commission, confirmations of Marcus Antonius to the Security Council and 'Criminilising Espionage in Our Partner Regions'.

Repeal of the North Pacific and Albion Security Treaty

Summary: Due to an inactivity that does not seem to be ending on Albion's part, the Regional Assembly of the North Pacific, by majority, has decided to repeal the security treaty shared by the two regions.

Results: 24 ayes, 1 nay, and 3 abstentions.

Confirmation of Marcus Antonius to the Security Council

Summary: Marcus Antonius' confirmation of membership on the Security Council was supported overwhelmingly, despite concern over Marcus' lack of experience in major leadership roles, due to his enthusiasm

Results: 25 ayes, 3 nays, and 5 abstentions.

Status: Passed

Confirmations of Siwale and Crushing Our Enemies to the Election Commission

Summary: The Delegate appointed Siwale and Crushing Our Enemies to the Election Commission, and so the RA discussed and eventually voted to confirm the appointees' membership on the Commission.

Crushing Our Enemies: 26 ayes, 0 nays, and 2 abstentions.

Siwale: 28 ayes, 0 nays, and 2 abstentions.

Status: Passed

Criminalising Espionage in Our Partner Regions by St George

Summary: An amendment to Section 1.2 of the Legal Code, this proposal criminalises espionage in all of our partner regions through the rewording of several clauses, so that alliances ratified by the Regional Assembly, as well as non-aggression pacts, are included.

Results: 34 ayes, 3 nays, and 1 abstention.

Status: Passed

[Image: sG8YGQy.png]World Assembly Digest
By Deerfenland, World Assembly Correspondent
[Image: YnLYZLb.jpg]

General Assembly

Improving the world one resolution at a time

Protecting Borrower Rights

Status: Passed

Delegate's Vote: For

Final Vote (World): For: 11,637 Against: 3,020

Final Vote (TNP): For: 464 Against: 78 Percentage of WA nations voting: 39.81%

Recommendation: [i]This proposal aims to alter the way we deal with debt and the ability to repay for those who fall into debt. It achieves this by eliminating the harmful practices that deliberately target those who are in debt, such as criminalising the act of having debt so far as to punishing it via forced labor. While not infringing on member nation's ability to enforce the law, this proposal allows citizens the ability to repay their debts by keeping them out of jail and in the workforce or whatever method they may have to procure the required funds to repay their debts. This proposal also protects citizens ability to make investments with higher risk that would otherwise land someone in jail for making an investment that went negatively. This allows greater investment into small business and otherwise risky ventures that could ultimately benefit the greater community via their success.

In accordance with this reasoning, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote For this proposal.

The Amelioration of Maritime Conditions

[i]Status: Defeated

Delegate's Vote: Against

Final Vote (World): For: 3,286 Against: 11,679

Final Vote (TNP): For: 132 Against: 426 Percentage of WA nations voting: 43.83%

Recommendation: The Amelioration Of Maritime Conditions has the laudable intent of monitoring and reducing the number of pollutants released by member nations into the hydrosphere, however, it fails in properly executing that goal. The Ministry has reviewed the proposal and has found that its scope is too narrow to have any meaningful effect, as it only requires the governments of member nations to record the pollutants they release into water supplies. The Ministry also believes that the pollutant reduction target is poorly set, as the "recorded international average" is a poor metric to use when setting international targets. The mandate of reducing the pollutants by this arbitrary value is also very difficult to enforce given that exactly recording 'any and all' pollutants is an unreasonable task. Further, a committee is perhaps a better option here, by handling the collection and distribution of the data and working specifically with member nations to reduce their pollution where possible.

For these reasons, and in hopes that a redraft will occur, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote against the proposal.

Convention On Animal Testing

Status: Passed

Delegate's Vote: Against

Final Vote (World): For: 7,621 Against: 7,310

Final Vote (TNP): For: 190 Against: 356 Percentage of WA nations voting: 42.62%

[i]Recommendation: Convention on Animal Testing is well-meaning in its attempt to place ethical restrictions on the use of animal test subjects, however, the Ministry is unable to recommend support at this time. Upon close inspection, the proposal would seem to allow for undue pain and suffering caused by negligence. It should also be noted that the proposal requires that "all procedures" be documented and reported to the World Assembly Bioethics Board. Without a proper definition, the Ministry believes this to be an overreach and would include something as simple as shaving fur for future placement of testing devices. Further, it is concerning that the World Assembly Bioethics Board appears to acts as a judicial entity; while this is something that extant legislation has done in the past, we must question the necessity of the practice in regards to a subject such as animal testing.

For these reasons, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote against the proposal.

[Image: MSkSvav.jpg]

[i]Security Council

Spreading interregional peace and goodwill, via force if necessary[/i]

Commend Grays Harbor

Status: Passed

Delegate's Vote: For

Final Vote (World): For: 11,013 Against: 2,464

Final Vote (TNP): For: 459 Against: 45 Percentage of WA nations voting: 39.56%

Recommendation: Gray's Harbor has been a long time member of the NS community who has shown extensive activity in a notable UCR, contributed multiple proposals and GA illegal proposal shenanigans, and is a seasoned RnDer. GH possesses the longest tenure of any other delegate in the new defunct The Heartland in which they helped saved them in 2003 by brokering a deal with Texas and Wysteria to protect The Heartland from invading forces. GH has also passed three General Assembly proposals and established the "Illegal Proposals" thread in the WA forums which became a quickly growing repository of humorous and silly proposal attempts in the GA. Finally, GH has a history as a defender who participated in various notable events as well as designing and a world map for the regions he was involved in.

In line with the reasoning above, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote For this proposal.

Condemn Atlantic

Status: Passed

Delegate's Vote: For

Final Vote (World): For: 10,050 Against: 3,223

Final Vote (TNP): For: 469 Against: 42 Percentage of WA nations voting: 39.82%

Recommendation: The Atlantic is a region with a demonstrated history of unbridled imperialism in the NS R&D sphere. Throughout their history they have threatened and invaded close allies and friends of TNP including Europe, The South Pacific, The West Pacific, and The Rejected Realms. Numerous UCRs were also harmed by repeat invasions so much that they were reduced to bits and pieces of their former selves. This behavior in this context is unacceptable, especially so when done to allies of TNP.

In accordance with the reasoning above, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote For this proposal.

Liberate Aurelia

Status: Passed

Delegate's Vote: For

Final Vote (World): For: 12,414 Against: 2,236

Final Vote (TNP): For: 486 Against: 52 Percentage of WA nations voting: 41.83%

Recommendation: For sake of clarity in this IFV, Aurelia is the region that was invaded and is being liberated, and Auralia is the invading force that is the aggressor.

The region known as Aurelia has been under the tyrannical control of the similarly-named Auralia for nearly a year. In this time, the invaders have been banjecting the natives, clearing World Factbook entries, suppressing RMB posts, and password-protecting the region to prevent the original inhabitants from reclaiming it. The primary cause for this liberation stems from the fact that the region of Auralia has expressed its desire to refound Aurelia, wiping out all of the region's history and culture permanently. Additionally, Auralia is founded by the individual known as Nephmir, who is known for various acts of attempted raiding and threats against a number of GCRs and UCRs, including 'war' with TWP. They, and their childish creations, should not be allowed victories.

Given the reasons above, the Ministry of the World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote For this proposal.

The North Star: Lighting The Way To The Truth

Publisher: McMasterdonia :: Executive Editor: Kaschovia :: Managing Editor: Marcus Antonius

The North Star is produced by the Ministry of Communications on behalf of the Government of The North Pacific and is distributed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs externally and the Ministry of Home Affairs internally. Except where otherwise indicated, all content represents the views of the Government of The North Pacific.

Index of Issues

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  Help: Applying for Shareholder Status (Citizenship)!
Posted by: New Rogernomics - 01-15-2020, 02:00 AM - No Replies

[Image: gsi9AGl.png]
Make your Application Here: Click this link! Just a few steps till Lazarene awesomesauce!

You might be new to the game, you might be someone who hops between regions, or even an old gameplayer that wants to see what amazing things are happening down in the land of the undead. This will explain the process of obtaining shareholder status in LazCorp, the premier Corporation of Lazarus, and don't be shy of asking myself or anyone else that is already a Shareholder about Lazarus while you wait.

You need to tell us about yourself, and specifically what your nation is in Lazarus, what other regions you may have been involved in, what you have done in the game so far, or any crimes or offenses you may have been charged with in other regions. The reason for this is that having a nation in Lazarus is a requirement of Shareholder status because it is reasonable that only residents of this region are allowed to vote and decide the future of Lazarus, and that the government of the region is advised on the character of those who apply to become Shareholders.

As a recap please give us:

  • Your nation that is residing in Lazarus, and your World Assembly nation
  • The regions other than Lazarus you might be involved in
  • Your identities in the game i.e. your major current identity or past identities
  • A brief history of your time in the game, if you have been around long
  • Whether you have been charged with any crimes or offenses in other regions
What we are not worried about...
There may be circumstances when you can't give us everything, like if you forget certain details or you don't want to share your World Assembly nation with us because it is involved in a military operation. Do not be shy of applying if you can't provide us all of these details, as this shouldn't delay your application. We also don't worry if you leave off every region you've ever been in or every identity you've had, unless it is relevant i.e. like if you were accused of a crime or offense there.

What we are going to worry about...
We cherish having a community that remains positive and friendly towards one another, as well as having good relations with our friends and allied regions, so we will be looking at your character as a player, and what you might be interested in doing here. There are some rules that we think are important to keep our community safe, so we may choose to decline an application on those grounds as well. This forum in it's entirety is also PG-13, just like Nationstates proper, so we do expect those who apply to follow those same standards.

If we decline your application outright, it will be because..
We saw that you applied with a dirty IP address, which means one that has been put on a spam or security list by IP monitoring services, or that you applied with a Proxy. We do recognize that there are situations that may make it difficult to apply without a proxy, though it is a requirement that we know at least one valid IP per account, as we do not want people unfairly creating multiple accounts to vote more than once for example. This forum and community is also PG-13 so we do expect those who apply to not engage in harassment, or anything that might make other Shareholders feel unsafe. 

How long will my application take?
In normal circumstances, an application should not take more than 24-48 hours to be approved. If this takes longer it will be because others in government need to be notified or advised on the status of an application, and especially because the Chief Executive Officer (or Delegate) must be advised of applications. However, in exceptional circumstances such as some issue with your application, it may take 48 hours longer than that as the government might have to extensively discuss the application. 

Make your Application Here: Click this link! Just a few steps till Lazarene awesomesauce!

Questions? Problems? Dog ate your application? Reply below! 
Big Grin

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  Shareholder List - January 2020
Posted by: New Rogernomics - 01-15-2020, 01:13 AM - No Replies

[Image: uRVEkTD.png]
Shareholder List - January 2020

Approved Applications (Date):

Karloman (01/13/2020)
Platopa (01/04/2020)

Declined Applications (Date):

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  Shareholdership Department Templates
Posted by: New Rogernomics - 01-15-2020, 01:01 AM - No Replies

Application Approved:


IP STATUS: [color=#27ae60]CLEAN[/color]
PROXY STATUS: [color=#27ae60]CLEAN[/color]

RESIDENCY STATUS: [color=#27ae60]PRESENT[/color]

[b]APPLICATION HAS BEEN:[/b] [color=#27ae60]APPROVED[/color]

[b]WELCOME TO LAZCORP @![/b][/size][/align]

Application Declined:

IP STATUS: [color=#e74c3c]NOT CLEAN[/color]
PROXY STATUS: [color=#e74c3c]NOT CLEAN[/color]

RESIDENCY STATUS: [color=#e74c3c]NOT PRESENT[/color]

[b]APPLICATION HAS BEEN:[/b] [color=#e74c3c]REFUSED[/color][/size][/align][/b]

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Posted by: Karloman - 01-13-2020, 11:42 PM - Replies (2)

Hello, and greetings from the Frankish Peoples.

We have just decided to start using this forum and hope to work together with you all in the future.


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  Form submission: Citizenship Form
Posted by: Karloman - 01-13-2020, 11:37 PM - Replies (1)

Did you submit this using a IP proxy?: No

Nation in Lazarus: Frankish Peoples

WA Nation: Frankish Peoples

NS Identities: None

Have you been accused of any crime/s in other regions?: No

Have you participated in any other region/s?: I was in one a long time ago but didn't really do anything.

Do you affirm this information is correct?: Yes

Oath of Membership: From this time forward, I voluntarily without mental reservation or purpose of evasion, pledge my loyalty to Lazarus and her people, whose community ideals I share, whose rights and liberties I respect, and whose laws I will uphold and obey.

What areas of the region are you most interested in?: All of the above

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  10KI Update - December 2019
Posted by: HumanSanity - 01-13-2020, 01:45 PM - No Replies

[Image: 200108-EmissaryReportA.PNG]

Greetings, friends of the 10000 Islands! Our monthly report on our region is now out, which can be seen in the image above. If you wish to see the whole report, please click this link[/link].

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