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[FAILED] Repeal "Condemn The Black Hawks"

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Category: Repeal

Resolution: SC#52

Proposed by: Tinhampton

Security Council Resolution #52 “Condemn The Black Hawks” shall be struck out and rendered null and void.


ADAMANT that every resolution it passes should act as an accessible guide to the historical and present context and actions of its subject, combining a certain level of detail supported by empirical evidence with prompts for further research by world leaders into the subject's nature;

CONCERNED that the target resolution's cult status as a "symbolic Condemnation of invasion" arises from the poor choice of terms it uses to describe The Black Hawks (TBH) - any organised group of raiders, not just TBH, can be described as "aggressive," unpoliced and overly ban-happy - and in spite of its flagrant inferiority to SC#217, a thorough criticism of the Black Hawks' innumerable horrors;

BEMUSED at SC#52's claims that TBH threatened "the functioning and survival of the Security Council" at the time by fuelling "a cooling effect on free speech and... democracy," which the authoring delegation has admitted is a blanket reference to TBH's general raiding activity, as expanded upon by SC#217;

NOTING, however, that this "cooling effect" could also be implied to include the mere targeting of regions whose WA Delegates supported SC#52, when - regardless of whether this "targeting" ever occurred, and by the admission of some notable Black Hawks of the era - TBH did not invade any region simply because of its stance on the target resolution;

OBSERVING that the Black Hawks of 2011 specialised in small-scale tag raiding (at the time, TBH's record tag run was a mere 16 regions), where only cosmetic changes are applied and natives are seldom banned; while certainly upsetting to regional communities, the practice is often non-destructive and has negligible potential to destroy the SC's innately democratic nature;

RECOGNISING that The Black Hawks' failed self-Commendation of March 2011 alluded to in SC#52 was drafted by Soaring Tikal, an active but minor Black Hawk (later a Lieutenant in TBH and, as Tikal Wolf, the Khan of Lone Wolves United) which had not been told to prepare the draft by their superiors; the hypothesis of an actual "conspiracy" amongst Black Hawks to Commend themselves must be rejected in lieu of any evidence beyond what has been stated here; and

HOPING to dissociate itself from a resolution so lacklustre - and even fictitious at times - that it regularly loses sight of The Black Hawks' true nature in favour of unqualified rhetoric:

HEREBY REPEALS SC#52 "Condemn The Black Hawks."

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