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Article Title: PRIME MOVERS: Benevolent Thomas

Add Author/s: By Marcus Vespasian (Zapatian Workers State)

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ZWS: Hello there

Benevolent Thomas: howdy

ZWS: Are you up for a brief interview for The Lazarene Gazette?

Benevolent Thomas: Sure.

ZWS: Alrighty then.

Q1: I've heard from reliable sources that you were an instrumental figure in developing the techniques of defending which are currently widely used across NationStates. Can you shed a little light on what first motivated you to get into defending and give us a few highlights of your defender career?

Benevolent Thomas: The first region that I got involved in had embassies with both the Region of Reunited Muslim States and 10000 Islands. My region watched, with sadness, the destruction of RORMS while the natives of the region pleaded for aid. Before the destruction of RoRMS, I had no awareness of the invasion game, which came as quite a shock to me as my region was founderless as well. We received regional updates from 10KI which mentioned the activities of TITO. I decided that it was time I joined the fight in order to protect my region and all others like it. I created Benevolent Thomas and moved right into 10000 Islands with the sole aim of joining TITO. My proudest moments are the refoundings of Australia and Hogwarts and the creation of both the Fort Triumph Marshal Service (currently disbanded) and The Order of the Grey Wardens.

ZWS: Q2: From your experience, is there a marked difference in psychology between raiders and defenders, or are both mostly motivated by the thrill of defeating one another in the field?

Benevolent Thomas: There's a fundamental difference. Invaders find joy in NationStates at the cost of other people's enjoyment of it. Defenders are natives that have decided to take a stand against these groups. The Grey Wardens and several other groups like to payback the favor of invasion when the opportunity arises.

ZWS: Q3: In all your time as a defender, who would you count as your closest ally in your mission and why?

Benevolent Thomas: Deadeye Jack. They've been a close friend for nearly a decade and the player I trust the most. They support my endeavors and keep my more reckless impulses in check. FTMS, Hogwarts, TGW, Jack is the glue that held and continues to hold everything together. I'm happy to see that the world at large is experiencing how wonderful they are.

ZWS: Q4: On the flipside, is there one raider that you believe is heinous above all, or who qualifies as your personal archenemy?

Benevolent Thomas: No. Its the griefer ideology that I hate, not the people. The individuals that I grow to loathe usually find themselves DoS sooner than later for reasons we all agree are intolerable.

ZWS: Q5: What is the largest and most impressive military action gameside that you personally coordinated, and when did it occur?

Benevolent Thomas: I was part of the coordination for the liberation and refounding of Hogwarts. The region had been taken by LWU and I believe refounded by them. I had two native nations in the region that I had moved back after LWU had refounded it that had amassed quite a bit of influence. I was WA-immobile at the time iirc and passed the nations off to TITO and the FRA (1 each). I got everyone on board with taking the region over once LWU's founder in Hogwarts had CTE and watched in awe as they conducted the mission perfectly. We then sat on the empty and locked region for a bit and we decided to pull off the refound on Xoriet's birthday. She is a big HP fan and also a member of LWU. It was a coincidence, but I like to think we did it to tease her. I forget which defender it was that was the one to found the region once it CTE, but they gave the pw to Jack and I and we established a roleplaying community there with a few gameplayers that were also fans of the Magical World. This was 2015. Hogwarts late-summer.

ZWS: You've been a great interviewee so far, but I promise this is the last question

Q6: In addition to being the founder of The Order of the Grey Wardens, you were also once the Delegate of Lazarus at one time. Can you recount some of the major events which occurred under your Delegacy and give our readers an impression of what the responsibility of the position was like?

Benevolent Thomas: Nothing happened under my delegacy. Many would call it a failure. I got hit by a massive hurricane just after the election and I was without power for several weeks. When I finally was able to log in again, the region had stagnated once again. The hurricane had caused major disruptions in my life and I had grown jaded with my experience on NS, so I resigned all my positions and walked away from the game. I wouldn't return for about half a year. This is actually the most active I've been since then (Nov 2016).

ZWS: Wow. Well, um, this has been a great interview. I hope to see it published. Thanks for cooperating and best of luck to you.

Benevolent Thomas: Thank you. Good luck with the Gazette

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(01-11-2020, 02:50 AM)New Rogernomics Wrote: Admin Note: I edited your post, as it seems something odd is up with the article form. I have removed the editor from the form, so there shouldn't be an issue in the future.

Hooray! Thanks!

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