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[DISCARDED] Ban on Involuntary Administration of Drugs

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Category: Regulation

Area of Effect: Safety

Proposed by: Morover

The World Assembly,

Believing that forcing another person to consume drugs for one's own personal gain is unethical and immoral,

Aware, however, that in certain circumstances, the required intake of drugs is useful or necessary,

Believing that these bizarre circumstances result in a need for restrictions on the topic of forced drug use,


Article One
  1. Defines a hallucinogen as a drug which is intended to have a hallucinogenic effect on an individual,

  2. Prohibits the enforcement or coercion of any individual to consume, intake, or otherwise use hallucinogens against their will,

  3. Further prohibits the intentional release of hallucinogens in aerosol form in order to cause any individual to have a hallucinogenic reaction, unless all those who will be exposed have given express consent.

Article Two

  1. Defines a sedative as any drug in which the main effect gives a tranquilizing, sleep-inducing, or any other effect which may invoke drowsiness,

  2. Prohibits the intentional sedation of any individual, except with the express consent of the individual who is being sedated, or, where incapacitated, their legal next-of-kin,

  3. Clarifies that should an individual pose a physical threat to themselves or any other individual, non-lethal doses of sedative drugs are permitted to be used on said individual by relevant law enforcement, military, or medical personnel,

  4. Further clarifies that during medical operation which is being performed with the consent of the patient or the patient's next-of-kin, or where the medical operation is deemed necessary for the overall health of the patient and neither the patient or the patient's next-of-kin are able to be reached to acquire consent, a surgeon may apply a sedative, so long as it is deemed either medically necessary for the health and wellbeing of the patient, or for the operation to proceed in a safe manner,

  5. Requires that member-states attempt, to the best of their ability, to suppress any natural substances that are not considered a biological part of any sapient that pose a reasonable threat to their residents of being involuntarily sedated,

  6. Requires the World Health Authority to create a standard of sedatives that will minimize potential injury of sedatives, assuming the sedative is used or administered by a reasonable person,

  7. Demands that the aforementioned standard of sedatives be adhered to in all applicable circumstances.

Co-Authored by United Massachusetts

Director Leo has recommended a vote against.


Though it was discarded by the WA for rule violation(s) so I would expect the author to 'revamp' it and try again.

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