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Ancient History of Lazarus(2005)

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Ancient History of Lazarus(2005); by Lies Incorporated

Lazarus, first regarded by the world solely as the home of newly ressurrected nations, but now recognized as a breeding ground of revolutionary thought. During the times of stagnancy, Lazarus was home to fewer then 200 nations. After securing the Lazarus Delegacy, and establishing the Lazarus Mandate, the region began a steady expansion, and regularly exceeded the 500 nation boundary.

After serving for 49 days as UN Delegate, Lies Incorporated, the first Lazarus Mandate UN Delegate was betrayed and overthrown through the machinations of the absurd and inactive New Omnivaro. For more then three times the length of the Lies Incorporated delegacy, New Omnivaro and his staff of pretenders, spread lies and frivality. After the first spark of rebellion was lit in Lazarus, Lies Incorporated returned amidst a flurry of discussion, to resecure the delegacy.

During these tumultuous times, the law breaking nation Vesoul secured the delegacy through the exchange of endorsements with native UN nations. His delegacy lasted less then a week though, as his crimes were revealed to UN authorities swiftly by Lies Incorporated.

Lies Incorporated ascended to the delegacy once more, and held it for nine days before returning to service in Gatesville as the General of its vast Militia. In his sted, he left Palmer Eldritch, an alter ego to serve as Prime Minister, as well as Baribeau to hold the delegacy as the second Lazarus Mandate Delegate! Though the government of Lazarus was yet to take shape, long time Lazarus nation Darnand stepped up as Minister of Defence, to aid Baribeau in his regional duties with Lies Incorporated's departure.

After a nearly four month delegacy, Baribeau relinquished his post and was succeeded by Peace Loving Sex Fiends. During this time, the world Administration granted regional controls to the Lazarus Delegacy, and for the first time we had power over our security and information. Though not dissolving the Lazarus Mandate, Peace Loving Sex Fiends imposed strict endorsement regulations while maintained limited activity on the forums. After a slightly more then two week delegacy, Sex Fiends was once again replaced by Baribeau.

During the Sex Fiends delegacy, Lies Incorporated also returned to the region and began invigorating a series of new government reforms culminating with the third revision of the Lazarus Mandate and the first widely supported design for a government. Around this time, Darnand was removed from his office as Minister of Defence due to unfortunate unavailability, and replaced by Hongus.

Only two days after Baribeau retook the delegacy, Lynnaka, operated as an agent of the DEN, took the delegacy. Thanks to the efforts of the Emergency Auxiliary Army, and a small contingent from the North Pacific, Lynnaka was removed from the delegacy once again in favor of Baribeau.

During DEN's Lynnaka Delegacy, Baribeau appointed the first High Councilors of the interim High Council: Lies Incorporated and Zervok. Only a day later, PeoplePie was also appointed to the post. Around this time, Peace Loving Sex Fiends also begin a campaign of mistrust with Lazarus' new allies, seeking to undermine the stability of their friendships.

Lazarus Delegacies
Founding: Testlandia and various others for short periods
May 2, 2004 - June 21, 2004: Lies Incorporated
June 22, 2004 - November 23, 2004: New Omnivaro
November 24, 2004 - November 26, 2004: Vesoul
November 27, 2004 - December 16, 2004: Lies Incorporated
December 17, 2004 - March 6, 2005: Baribeau
March 7, 2005 - March 25, 2005: Peace Loving Sex Fiends
March 26, 2005 - March 27, 2005: Baribeau
March 28, 2005: Lynnaka
March 29, 2005 - Present: Baribeau


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Nice read, excellent work!

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