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Article Title: Dancing to Game-Side | Laz OS

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Add Article Text: When I was Director of Public Relations for Lazarus I felt like it was my job to be everywhere important and talking to everyone important and their brother. At this point in NS, that means my job was basically hanging out on Discord. Which, don't get me wrong, is nice sometimes. But I felt like I wasn't playing this game. I was dancing somewhere else.

I kept seeing people talking in other regions like Osiris about how they were building their communities, and that made me want to do that too. I wanted to do things on a more basic level and meet people who hadn't been echoing around the same halls of NSGP forever.

So I tried to think of what would be cool to do actually on-site in Lazarus. My first thought was more cultural activities. That seemed obvious because everywhere else that's tryhard does it. I set up a map for the region and I was thinking about doing some other things like having daily topics and monthly art contests.

I was also sort of thinking in the back of my head that the really cool part of this was actually organizing everything and setting things in motion. Like, how could someone not be turned on by that? I didn't want to deal with finding stuff for people to do and asking them to do it all the time like when I was in Public Relations. I wanted to do the things I thought up to do, but at the same time I wanted other people to be able and encouraged to do the same thing - to think of their own idea and run with it - because I was finding it so amazingly fun. (Give me break and please don't laugh if you feel like I'm making too big of a deal out of this, I haven't done culture/gameside stuff for years and I'm super excited!! Actually, do laugh, it's good for you...)

With this in mind, I created Laz OS. This gives the Internal Management Department space to:
  • organize culture and security-minded projects in order to develop Lazarus's game-side community,

  • encourage less experienced players to mess around with ideas they may have (which inspires old, lame and boring folks like me with possibly mind-blowing new ideas),

  • keep the resident backbone of our region more informed and engaged since Laz OS is totally on-site and thus easily accessible!
That's pretty much all I wanted to go over in this article. Laz OS just started so I can't give a whole lot of information on how it's effecting the region. So far only one project has been started by a non-Internal Management person. As expected, not everything they're doing is how I and probably most long-time gameplayers would do it, but that's okay. It's still really cool that they're doing stuff for the region at all and I can't wait to see how they grow from the experiences they have working on their own project. One thing that especially makes me happy is how others in the region who aren't even involved in the government have been so encouraging and supportive of both his and my projects.

I'd also like to note that Lazarus's RMB activity has doubled since Laz OS was launched 8 days ago. Tongue Thanks for reading.


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