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[FAILED] Right to Farm


Category: Advancement of Industry | Area of Effect: Tort Reform | Proposed by: San Carlos Islands

Believing firmly in the right to farm and defending the food security of all nations.

Asserting, therefore, the preservation of a maximum amount of agricultural land is necessary for the assurance of adequate amounts of healthful, and nutritious food.

Concerned that expansion of urban development in rural areas has created legal conflicts between agricultural and urban activities.

Realizing that many of these legal conflicts are merely nuisance lawsuits.

Distressed that these nuisance lawsuits have pushed many farmers out of business due to expensive legal costs.

Asserting, therefore, this loss of agricultural land is a threat not only to the rights, lives, and well being farmers; but also global food security.


  1. Defines, for the sake of this resolution, "nuisance lawsuit" as lawsuits wherein the plaintiff claims that the defendant is causing a nuisance. When focusing on agriculture nuisances may include noise, odors, visual clutter and dangerous structures.

  2. Defines, for the sake of this resolution, "accepted and standard agricultural practices " as those agricultural practices that don't pose a substantial, adverse effect on the public health, safety, or welfare; be it intentional or negligent.

  3. Prohibits nuisance lawsuits against those engaging in agricultural activities who use accepted and standard agricultural practices that have been in prior operation.

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