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Embassy of The Free Nations Region

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[Image: PicsArt_04-03-12.13.35.png]

Welcome to The Free Nations Region's Embassy in Lazarus!
FNR Leadership
Founder: Crystalsummer
Delegate: OF Arian Hellas
President: The Greatest Bestest Nation
Minister of Foreign Affairs: GVH
FNR to Laz: Crystalsummer
Laz to FNR: NA
Please post updates as new threads. This post will be edited as needed. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or a forum administrator.


Aiguis Family:
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Hello!! I’ll be the ambassador for here in Lazarus! Here is our monthly update from us!

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Thanks for the update. ^^ I love FNR's aesthetic!
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Since becoming President, I’ve been busily working on a treaty with St Abbaddon, and creating more government jobs in FNR. The FNR rebuild is very successful, and we will keep you posted on more changes as they come.


Good to hear! :)
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November Edition
September 2019
Free Minds. Free People. Free Nations

[background-block=#0E7190]The[/background-block] [background-block=#379C6A][floatleft][Image: PicsArt_03-13-11.01.42.png][/floatleft]Free Nations[floatright][Image: PicsArt_03-13-11.01.42.png][/floatright][/background-block] [background-block=#0E7190]News Network[/background-block]
[anchor=Regional][/anchor]Regional News

Crystalsummer Sweeps to Power as New President of the Free Nations Region!
October 28, 2019
Author: Llorens, Editor/Formatting: Vostrov

Elections for the offices of President, Delegate, and Speaker of the Free Nations Region concluded on 20 October, with two contested races and five candidates. While the United Provinces of North America (UPNA) and regional founder Crystalsummer vyed for President, the Delegate race featured Narvatus and the incumbent, OF Arian Hellas, and previous President, My Nation, was the only nominee for Speaker.

UPNA focused their campaign on “letting the citizens have a say in the regional affairs,” emphasising the need to be “cautious” in adhering to “what the citizens want.” Their opponent, Crystalsummer, who founded the region in January 2016, claimed during the debates that “the first thing we need to do is getting our government active,” particularly with an emphasis on foreign affairs through “reworking alliances” and legislative reform by “continuing my work on establishing a strong Constitution that will benefit the citizens.”

Crystalsummer emerged as the victor in the race for President, seizing an absolute majority with 59% of the vote, more than doubling to their opponent’s vote total of 24%, while the remaining 17% sought an alternative to either candidate. In the Delegate contest, there was significantly less debate between the nominees, with the incumbent, OF Arian Hellas, continuing in their role after receiving 56% of the vote, while Narvatus was only able to garner 28%. My Nation was also successful in their transition from President to Speaker, achieving a 91% approval rate against no competitor.

With their term now underway, President Crystalsummer has placed a particular emphasis on foreign affairs, announcing in an RMB statement on 26 October that their policy was “changing drastically” as talks had opened with Lazarus and St Abbaddon. However, negotiations to rekindle connections with the Union of Democratic States were revealed as having failed after their Prime Minister, The Noble Thatcherites, “politely said no to repairing relations.”

Crystalsummer provided the following exclusive statement to NationStates Today on their goals for the new term:
[box]“My goal as the President is to rework our network, and improve our global image across NationStates. While there were times I was away if it was because of personal issues or just not active, the great citizens kept this region going. This is a way for me to repay them by doing the best job I can. Some of my big interest areas are foreign affairs, improving activity in the region, mentoring future leaders, and passing a Constitution that will stand supreme way after my time in office. This was truly a great election!”[/box]

The region’s electoral process has now rolled on to Minister nominations, which will be only the second time that the roles will be elected, rather than appointed by the President. Seven different positions selected by the President will go to the polls on 3 November, where voters will have another opportunity to shape the future of their growing region.

Cabinet of November 2019! The new faces of FNR!
November 5, 2019
Author: Vostrov

After yet another round of voting session has started and ended, and we have a mix of familiar and new faces running the Ministers as always! We can proudly present to you the preliminary results of the Minister Elections November 2019.

Now, here’s some information regarding the voting process. By default, All the Citizens of The Free Nations Region are eligible to vote if they have been here for at least 14 days (2 weeks) before the election starts. 80 of the voters are eligible for voting as of 24th of October, and 18 of the votes are validated and counted in. Though, some of the votes are invalidated due to indeterminate choices.

Minister of Internal Affairs – United Allied Forces. 14 votes have confirmed for UAF to have this role, while 3 Abstained.

Minister of Roleplay – Hansdeltania got 9 votes, OF Arian Hellas got 1 vote, and Ulymein got 4 votes. By default, Hansdeltania won the Ministry role.

Minister of Culture – The United Provinces of North America. 16 out of the 17 votes have confirmed for UPNA to be fit for this role. The remaining voters have abstained.

Minister of Information – Vostrov got 7 votes, and Clicktopia got 3 votes. In the meantime, 2 voters have abstained. By default, Vostrov won the Ministry role.

Minister of Defense – Zazann. 12 out of the 17 votes have confirmed for Zazann to be fit for this role. The remaining voters have abstained.

Minister of Recruitment – Emaha. All of the 17 voters have confirmed for Emaha to be fit for this role.

Congratulations to the winners, and we hope that they will be up for their tasks and challenges ahead of them, and for a better FNR ahead!

FNR War Powers Act. A new Roleplay!
November 5, 2019
Author: Crystalsummer; Editor: Vostrov

Additionally, on top of the intra-regional and inter-regional affairs, Crystalsummer has also proposed a new War Powers Act, which would limit the President from going on a wanton war and destruction in the current region, or in other regions. It is going to be an update on the on-going constitution. As of Sunday, we have put the convention on hold. Crystalsummer has personally asked Chief Justice Tigerania, and the Supreme Court to conduct a review on the current constitution. Once that is complete, we will then look into restarting our convention.

The other recent talk is the failed proposal. The War Powers Act of 2019. This act is designed to simply limit what the President can do. Currently right now, the President can mobilize the military without any restraints as long as they don’t call it a “War”. This is something Crystal as a President is wanting to fix. This creates a protocol that the President and Minister of Defense must follow to ensure a success for our region. Below is the link to the War Powers Act:


FNR Workers Act of 2019. More jobs and opportunities!
November 11, 2019
Author: Crystalsummer; Editor: Vostrov

On the November of 11th, after much drafting and working it out with the other Ministries and the higher-ups, Crystalsummer has made the second biggest proposal being talked about in FNR. It is The FNR Worker’s Act of 2019! This proposal will create several new jobs in each Ministry, our Courts, and even creates a Historical Society. Our overall goal is to develop, and mentor future leaders of FNR. We are in need of fresh ideas, and we want to encourage everyone to be involved into taking our region to the next step! Below is a copy of Crystalsummer’s proposal.


It is with great honor to announce that the Bill has been passed as of on 18th of November, 2019. The final vote count is 12 “For”, and 3 “Abstain”, effectively getting the majority support with little to no opposition.

With this, we intend to bring more opportunities for citizens in the region. They will be able to work in the regional government Ministries by simply applying for a ministry. This bill, in addition, help our Ministers to be more effective with their agendas.


FNR’s Official Stance on Z-Day? Cure them all!
October 27, 2019
Author: The Greatest Bestest Nation; Editor: Vostrov

As the Z-Day came this Halloween, there was a poll conducted on the Residents of the FNR on the stance they have towards dealing with the zombies. As with the typical style of Z-Day, there are three options: Kill the zombies with a tactical force, to research a cure, or last but the most adversely impactful, embracing the zombies and infecting everyone else with it. The voting ran for 3 days.

2 nations have voted for killing the zombies, 3 voted for joining and embracing the zombies, and 14 have voted for researching a cure. Due to this response and the nature of the nation, we have successfully managed to cure the entire region from the zombification, and indeed survived through the end of the game.

We would like to thank every single nation that are involved in helping us out.

Favorite Movie Series
November 5, 2019
Author: The United Provinces of North America; Editor: Vostrov

FNR has conducted another fun poll right after the Halloween’s Z-Day, asking the residents of FNR about the movie series that they like, at the same time to engage more in the conversations. The voting breakdown is as follows: 5 voted for Star Wars, 1 for Star Trek, 6 for Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit, 9 for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and 5 for Jurassic Park and its sequels. Unfortunately, Terminator and Harold & Kumar do not get any vote from thethe residents; the former might be due to the fact that the series might be running out of steam, while the latter might be due to it not being too well-known.

The Drinking Fountain Question – A Tall one on a Short order!
November 15, 2019
Author: Hansdeltania; Editor: Vostrov

FNR has conducted yet another engaging and fun poll right after the previous one, this time about the amenity that we have more or less overlooked and yet are essential for people on the errands – The Drinking Fountain! While you are out doing errands, you feel very parched and come across two drinking fountains: a tall one and a shorter one. The tall one has cold water, but its pressure is low (less water comes out). The shorter one, however, has a higher pressure (more water comes out) but has room-temperature water. Which one do you choose?

14 have voted for a tall one with low-pressure cold water, while 10 have voted for a short one with high-pressure room temperature water. It would seem that most people, or the residents of the FNR, in general, are more inclined towards having a cold and refreshing drink, even if the water pressure is rather low and take some time to drink out of it.

While some might see this as a rather trivial subject or a matter to do a poll on, it is nevertheless an interesting question to ask, as well as engaging a whopping 24 residents to vote on the fun poll that we have.

[anchor=roleplay][/anchor]Role Play

FNR Roleplay - Past Roleplay!
November 19, 2019
Author: Ulymein, OF Arian Hellas, Emaha; Editor: Vostrov

The Free Nations Region is not simply for the usual chatter and a place for nations to make a difference on the NSGP grounds. In fact, we have a full-fledged roleplay that the nations can get into on. We welcome every type of nation for the RP! We currently have a whole different region for that in order to separate the main region for OOC matters. The region’s name is Past Roleplay.

Past Roleplay is a place where you can make anew. Where you can change your country's history while indulging in the lore of the past. You can wage war to your heart's content, expeditions, or work on improving technology for your country and the future. Just ask for a map spot and your place in history is set into stone!

If you want a sample of what is in store, we got a few posts just for your viewing pleasure!

Explorations and Investigations

Emperor Erisheros II received a copy of the great new world map for the royal library a while ago. The map was created by the universal scholar Mestoles who collected older maps, geographical reports by explorers and traders as well as foreigners to create this masterpiece. The Emperor was enthusiastic about this feat and decided to learn more about even the most distant parts of the world by sending the best explorers, scholars and traders on long journeys in all directions. The first fleet and its crew was already composed and is waiting to leave the the port of Samain which is located at the North Sea (Atker Sea). Emperor Erisheros II announced that he wants to meet the crew and witness the historic moment of the fleet setting sails himself. The Emperor will arrive tomorrow and a festive ceremony will take place in the port and the surrounding city.

The three large ships will sail on the well known waters of the North Sea first but then they will reach mostly unknown areas such as the Shark Sea (Bennion Sea) and eventually off the far away coasts of The Horde people (Fortilder). They will try to learn more about those distant people and their culture. Maybe the brave crew will even find the myth-enshrouded Empire of Taras that is located even more in the West than the Horde. It's uncharted land and some believe that it could be at the end of the world.

More fleets are going to be sent into different directions.

The main goal of the project is to investigate how an even better world map may be created and if distant people in distant parts of the world reached such high civilisation as Suros.

OOC Map here: https://www.nationstates.net/page=dispatch/id=1278107[/box]

[box]OF Arian Hellas
The great temple and statue of Poseidon in Poseidonia
Emperor Pausanias ordered the construction of a huge temple dedicated to Poseidon in the city of Poseidonia in order to please the great God of the sea, in hope that Poseidon will make the sea travels easier and safer in the future, the temple will contain a huge statue of Poseidon. The famous historian poet philosopher and explorer Elpidoklis described the temple in every detail saying that this temple is gonna be a masterpiece almost as good as the temple of Zeus in Taras and said that if the construction succeeds the temple should be added in the seven wonders of the Hellenic world.

Fall of the opposition
In order to silence some whispers claiming that the emperor favors only his homecity the Emperor ordered the massive expansion and improvement of many theaters around the empire the construction of temples libraries universities and massive statues of Achritas the philosopher king to increase the patriotic spirit of the empire . The emperor also made some laws to help the poor farmers and small cities around the empire. With these actions the oposition lost their entire power.

The Odyssey
The expedition that Pausanias had sent to discover the location of the unknown civilization Emaha reached the rich kingdom of Atledia where they started going from Port to Port in order to find a merchant who knows about this unkown civilization.[/box]

[On a reply to OF Arian Hellas’ response]
The diplomat was met by one of the agricultural caravans near the border. Finding out about the mission of the ambassador, the governor sent a detachment of armed guards to accompany him to the Ditizud-Khan's camp.
They arrived on the other side of the Horde, on the shore of the Atled Gulf, after two days. The diplomat, who had previously handed over the weapon, presented the Khan modest gifts and went to audience.
When diplomat asked about the intentions of the horde, Khan answered:
“We do not consider Taras our rival; but we do not consider him a close friend. Trade between us will be beneficial for both our states and you know this as a merchant, so we will certainly wait for the appearance of Hellenic ships and caravans in the boundless steppes and mighty rivers of the Millennial Horde. Our warriors will take care of their safety.
And yet, we are flattered by your desire for friendship with us, since emperor sent a person who speaks our language, despite the fact that I and any noble man of the Horde speak Hellenic excellent. Ah, what a wise man your scholar Aristechme was, he was my first teacher. "

After that, Khan asked the ambassador for a long time about the lands of the Tarantian Empire, about science, arts, culture and constantly admired him, promising to visit Massilia in old age. A few hours later he released the diplomat, presenting him with a gold medallion brought by a noble merchant from the distant Suros Empire [Emaha]. A day later, the diplomat was sent to Naples by ship with other merchant travelers who, fortunately, agreed to carry the diplomat - a sacred person.[/box]

We are looking forward to having more citizens and residents of FNR alike in joining us in the Roleplay aspect of the region. Since we have an embassy linked between our own two regions, you don’t necessarily need to move your nation to Past Roleplay instead can post from FNR if you want to.

[anchor=INT][/anchor]Interregional News

New Changes and a Statement to Foreign Affairs of FNR!
November 15, 2019
Author: Crystalsummer; Editor: Vostrov

For one of the first time, our Foreign Policy will be changing drastically. Since I have taken office, we have opened up embassies with St Abbaddon, as well as with Lazarus. These are two fine regions who I am confident that we will have a mutual benefit between the regions. Over the next 30 days, my office will be releasing a new Embassy Policy, conducting an Embassy audit, passing a treaty with St Abbaddon, and adding ambassadors to ever growing embassies. On November 14, I have issued Executive Order 19-006, which states “The Free Nations Region Discord has a lot of users from other region. Starting December 1, 2019, all foreigners, and current diplomats must register by filling out a form found under the embassy dispatch. This will help ensure the government of what region you are from!” This will ensure we are tracking what foreign government leaders are here in our region. We have already accomplished so much in the little time we have been in power. If you are interested in being an ambassador or working in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, please see me! I’ll get you squared away. As for the MoFA debate, I ensure you I will fine the most qualified candidate to lead this prestigious Ministry! I’ll close by saying “Trust the Climb!”

Treaty of Friendship established between FNR and St. Abbaddon!
November 13, 2019
Author: Crystalsummer; Editor: Vostrov

For this past week, Crystalsummer as the President have been very productive from our side. Last night, he has sent the WA Delegate Niktobr, and Chief Elder Dragonisia of St Abbaddon a treaty of friendship that will build a strong bond between both regions! Below is the currently proposed treaty.


We hope that this will pass through, and that it will strengthen the friendship between the two regions.

Ousted Regions Against Liberals Got 9th Place on N-Day!!
November 18, 2019
Author: Emaha; Editor: Vostrov

The 4th Nuclear Apocalypse (or N-Day4) took place from 21:00 UTC on 26 September 2019, to 21:00 UTC on 27 September 2019 and our faction, Ousted Regions Against Liberals (ORAL), has come in 9th place! Nationstates user Cerdenia, member of Thaecia, which opened an embassy with FNR as a result of the great cooperation on N-Day, led the faction to victory through Thursday night and into Friday. Many feelings were felt during the event for its veterans, anger, happiness, frustration, surprise, etc... Most of all, we can rest easy knowing that FNR is not only capable of making and holding alliances outwardly with other regions, it can hold its own out in the big wide world of Nationstates.
Regions involved were:

• The Free Nations Region
• Thaecia
• Force
• New Yellow Empire
• Red Wolf Alliance
• Azuno
• Alvaria
• Aerium


The faction started as mainly a joke naming contest, about liberals. Cerdenia decided to take charge for the event, for lack of interest in anyone else. Many small regions stepped forward, after Force and New Yellow Empire to join the party. The faction's leaders gathered up its people into a discord server to await instruction, despite some anime influence.
The name was voted on, All Nations Against Liberals (ANAL). Everyone gathered to the game and prepared. Puppets were revived and reactivated. The game soon started and the factions were underway. ANAL started strong, and asked many factions for non aggression pacts. Because of the humorous name, we were refused, brushed off as a joke faction.

We, the FNR, joined the faction rather late but have become an important part of its story.

In the beginning, the faction targeted UPPERCUTS, for stealing UPPERCUT’s name. All was well, so far. The faction was in the number 1 spot for a few minutes. Then number 2. Then number 3. We stayed in third for 4-6 hours. The atmosphere was great at that time.

Leadership was hectic, according to Cerdenia. Constant pings from people trying to help and stating events as they happened, and himself trying to keep the event organized, keep order, and issue orders for its nations to undertake. He originally didn't think he could do it, but through persistence, and help from higher ups in all regions, for instance The Greatest Bestest Nation, server admins such as Waste, he pulled through.

Targets started to pile up. 50 targets. 100 targets. 200 targets. 400 targets. 800 targets. 1200 targets. 2400 targets. 4800 targets. 9600 targets. It topped around somewhere near 10,000 nukes all targeted us, not to mention the ones actually fired. The nukes were unbearable. Constantly the order to produce shields was given, and we held up like this for a while. Eventually, incoming nukes far outweighed the shields we could muster, and we started to get radiation. Somewhere in the night, Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Canopy, Bikini Bottom, Teenage Mutant Nuking Turtles, and Uppercuts all targeted us and completely destroyed us, getting us in the negative point range.

A second faction was formed, All Nations Against Liberalism (ANAL), with much similarity to the first, which also ended up destroyed, so everyone who had puppets and nations left sent them to the Horsemen until they knew what to do with them.
An hour before N day ended on the 27th of September, at around 20:00 UTC or so, a third faction was formed, Ousted Regions Against Liberals (ORAL), with a really clever plan. Build up nukes and attack a ton of factions to rake up points at the end, and only attack when you can't be attack back due to the time limit. So we joined and we built up nukes. For everyone, our puppets were almost gone, Cerdenia having gone from 37 to 6. We launched the nukes, most of them hit; we destroyed small factions to rake up points. We were noticed. People started targeting us. We build shields like men possessed. 5 minutes left. 3 minutes left. 2 minutes left. 1 minute left. Still ever more incoming nukes. 30 seconds left.
It's over!

After the event, there was a feeling of relief and awe at what we had just done. We had managed to not only survive the hour, and rake up that many points and evade destruction, we had managed to make 9th place doing it, for starting out so late. Everyone celebrated. It was beautiful seeing how everyone came together in celebration what we had just done, Cerdenia being relieved that it had gone (relatively) well.
We made new friends and opened an embassy with Thaecia. I’m sure everone who participated really enjoyed it and is looking forward to the next N-Day! ANAL will rise again!

Tabloid section

gross, go onto the faction's discord server. There are liberals everywhere. It is an absolute perversion of anything decent. Oh also, we managed to send 69 nukes in one launch at a guy, so like, that is super funny.


Special thanks to our friends in [ration]Thaecia[/ragion]! Taralania let us use their article from the Thaecian Tidbits as a basis for ours. Check it out here:

NSindex mentioned our faction because we got 9th place: https://nsindex.net/wiki/4th_Nuclear_Apocalypse



Congratulationz and good luck to the cabinet! :)
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