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Poll: Death to Capitalism?
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Death to Capitalism (Or Maybe Not)


Hello Lazarenes!

As you might have been able to tell from the red flag, this is an anti-capitalist nation. In spite of Lazarus rule by corporatocracy and all that though, I am very interested in learning how this region works and studying its body of law, getting to understand the economic mechanism and all that, in the hopes of becoming a productive citizen.

In my past life, I authored a GA proposal which I couldn't get formatted correctly so I gave up on it, and I have another nation named Hyperdark in the Union of Allied States, where I was invited by my old college buddy, who in NationStates is called The Civitas Islands.

That's about it.


Good to have you here man! It's always cool when somewhat experienced players join a region because they can often add good insight into how things might work better. Not to say we should get rid of capitalism... but I did vote yes on the poll because I approve of and appreciate dissenting opinions motivated by trying to make our region better, whether I agree with them or not! :P

When I first got involved in Lazarus I joined the diplomatic corps (which goes around to other regions and acts sweet and pretty at them for the most part). I had a lot of fun! In my own interests though, since I'm not the Director of Internal Management now... <.< You should totally come join us once you become a citizen. >.> IM has all the corporate cookies.

Looking forward to working with you, whatever path you take! :D
Waste this night away with me.

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