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4. Things to Do in Lazarus
[Image: 98Qhco5.png]
4. Things to Do in Lazarus

Now that you are in Lazarus you are thinking about what activities there are to be involved in. 

You might want to also ask questions of other game-players in Lazarus, if you are new at the game.

A. Participate in our regional government
  • Get citizenship in Lazarus by completing an application form on the Lazarus forum.
  • Join the World Assembly, which is discussed in the 'Basics of Nationstates' below.
  • Vote on legislation (or laws) in the Assembly, as well as proposing them.
  • Get involved in the politics of the region by participating in elections.
  • Help out the region in the Ministries and Assembly, in order to make Lazarus a more fun place to be.
B. Join in on the Spam Games and OOC Forum
  • Enjoy our spam games in Spamtopia, and increase your post count.
  • Talk about anything down in Canary Wharf, which is an Out of Character (OOC) forum. 
C. Join the Regional Discord D. Read the Regional News E. Join in on the Regional Economy
  • Lazarus has a Regional Economy with the currency of Feather/s (ƒ), and you earn this currency through posting or other means.
  • You should ask for a Starting Balance if you are a Resident or Citizen, and claim your ƒ15,000 from the Regional Bank.
  • Add money you earn to the Regional Bank and earn interest from it. 
  • Use your money to buy things for your nation from the Automated Shop System
  • Start your own Shop/Charity, and sell items or services to other Lazarenes. 
  • You can earn Feathers through buying a ticket, and taking a chance at winning the Regional Lottery. [Starts Next Week]
F. Foreign Ambassadors Can Apply for Status/Visas or an Embassy

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