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Tubbius in the Flesh


Oh my God, who made that?
Nakari: bowiemoria = marilyn manson freaks but from a different decade?


Imki made the card, Tubbius made Tubby pic. I lovvvvveeeeeeee ittttttttt too! >_<3
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(09-23-2018, 02:52 AM)Imaginary Wrote: Imki made the card, Tubbius made Tubby pic. I lovvvvveeeeeeee ittttttttt too! >_<3

What Imaginary said!  I made the pic of Tubbius in Paint one night.  A lot of overlapping circles, drawing straight lines, filling in colors, deleting overlapping circle arcs, and a little drawing free-hand with the mouse for the beard.



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Sometimes, His Immensity likes to try on The Suit before Christmas! This time, He forgot to take off His Treadwellian crown first.

[Image: Tubbius_Ho_Ho_Ho.bmp]

Also, here is His Rotundity dressed for a formal affair!

[Image: Tubbius_Suit.bmp]
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Her Motherhood models a Maxxitub, the newest fashion from Tubbabies' MaTubbity line!
[Image: IMG_3264.JPG]

Farm work is much easier when you own a TubBarrow to carry your tummy in!

[Image: IMG_3262.JPG]


Peeking through some blinds, watching the Tubbius family shop for some groceries!

[Image: IMG_3268.JPG]


His Immensity in a costume for a children's special about bees!

[Image: IMG_3291.JPG]


[Image: IMG_3289.JPG]

Karate Tubbius!

[Image: IMG_3288.JPG]
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Tubbius and Mrs. Tubbius as seen from behind during a sunset at the beach!

[Image: TUBB.png]


Lady Zaharra provided this picture of one of her favorite alternate Tubbius's.

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