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Allowable Scope of HEPA Proscriptions

(This post was last modified: 06-24-2019, 08:15 PM by McChimp.)

In accordance with Article 5, Section Six of the Mandate, could the Court (once it is at full strength) please clarify the scope that may be encompassed by proscriptions?

The Hostile Entities and Persons Act (December 2018) grants the Assembly the power to "designate a region or organization as a hostile entity" when petitioned to do so by the Delegate or the CLS. What are the criteria for an organisation to be designated as such? May organisations such as the NPO, which includes a NationStates branch but is not limited to NS, be proscribed in its entirety? If so, does the proscription of the NPO apply to its entirety or to the NationStates branch alone?

Things you might consider:
  • Other branches of the NPO have given materiel support onsite before, providing pilers for the NPO's actions in St Abbaddon and during the NLO coup.
  • All of the branches of the NPO share a common forum and discord server. Is that not comparable to us masking NS NPO members on this forum, and in our discord server?
No doubt other people have their own takes regarding this and will post them in this thread.

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